Weekend Ramblings

Twice in one week?  Did I mention it’s been a busy week?


Introducing the T90 Ascente

Have you seen the new ad for a Nike’s latest soccer ball?  Cool, huh?  How’s $140 sound to you?  I don’t even pay that much for my boots (that’s soccer talk for cleats).  I have yet to even break the $100 barrier for boots.  I payed $10 dollars for the last ball I bought.  This new Nike ball comes with a two-year warranty.  It claims to have the perfect dimension allowing for faster, more accurate kicks.  Does this ball turn you into Roberto Carlos?  I’m thinking that’s unlikely.  But until I get a chance to knock it around a little bit (more soccer talk for kick the ball) I will hold judgement and merely take the place of a customer complaining about its price…

Recently, I listened to the latest Major League Soccer Talk podcast, discussing U.S. – Honduras match scheduled for tonight (expecting a link here? Sit tight…I’ll get to this one in a bit).  In this particular podcast, host Kartik Krishnaiyer, Brian Zygo and Richard Farley (my WSR colleague) sat down for a U.S. soccer-centered roundtable discussion.  Here’s what caught my attention (at the 24 minute mark): I believe it was Zygo who mentioned that if he was go search around the Houston area he could produce a U.S. team of players that would defeat any other team in the world.  There may have been a bit of exaggeration to drive home the point but still a bold statement in itself.  Farley agrees noting the lack of scouting in his native San Diego area.  I have never been to either city so I can’t comment.  But what I do wonder is how much of a problem is this in the U.S.?  Is this country too big that we are unable to find the best talent?  It’s a loaded topic…we’ll save it for a rainy day.


Davies says the U.S. can win the World Cup, do you?

U.S. men’s national team forward Charlie Davies thinks the Americans can win the 2010 World Cup in South Africa next summer.  Confident?  Cocky?  Davies is a talented player who has always been confident in his abilities.  Some may take this as arrogant, I disagree.  Ask any player on any team preparing for the World Cup.  They will likely tell you the team’s goal is to win and they are confident enough to win.  Would you like it if your countries athletes said, “yeah we don’t have a chance,”…I didn’t think so.  As inconsistent as the U.S. team has been, quite frankly I’m very excited for this current group and to see how they will perform.  U.S. soccer is on the up, you watch.

Speaking of U.S. soccer, I’ve written about this already but there is a high likely hood that I won’t be able to see the match versus Honduras tonight.  Currently, there are only a few bars across the country showing this match.  We , as U.S. soccer fans, have dealt with this already this summer (Thanks to NBC for saving the day!).  You probably don’t know that the England versus Ukraine match that happened earlier today was available via internet only.  Let’s hope this doesn’t become a growing problem.  In the U.S. where there is a push to bring soccer to the level of American football, baseball and basketball, adding hassle to view an important national team match like this is a big step in the wrong direction.

Now wish me good luck as I try to find my way to view this match tonight…I’ve got a game story due later.


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