UMBC Stays Undefeated with Victory Versus Towson

In an early season match-up between two Baltimore area schools, University of Maryland Baltimore County scored a first-half goal to beat Towson University.  UMBC (6-0) avenged last years 2-1 loss at Towson (3-2) with a 39th minute goal from sophmore Andrew Bulls.

Here you can see what each school is saying after the match: Towson’s recap and UMBC’s recap.

For this blog post, I’m not going to tell you about the match as much as tell you what I think of each schools coverage.

Being a soccer journalist it is important to see how others do their work, taking some of the better characteristics and incorportating it into my own writing skills.

(It should be noted that I was unable to attend this match.  That would be the first thing that I would change about any of this.)

From the Towson perspective, this was a winnable match.  UMBC comes into the match with a high-scoring attack.  Albeit early in the season, it should still be mentioned, which it was.  Towson appeared to have several opportunities to tie or even win the match.  A well-placed free kick from UMBC’s Bulls, along with some good goalkeeping made all the difference.  Towson did a good job of explaining this. 

If I was to change anything I would have been more descriptive as to how close Towson really was to possibly tying or winning this match.  More detail to the near-misses and late-match opportunities.


UMBC sophmore, Andrew Bulls, scored the lone goal in the 1-0 win versus Towson. (Photo:

From the UMBC perspective, they didn’t seem to make a big deal of this match.  Their reports seem more focused on where UMBC sits in NCAA Division 1 standings for statistics.  Far less actuall reporting from the match itself.  Holding the statistic prowess that they do, it is important to reflect on it.  But with a close win over a local area school, the reporting for the match was poor.

As mentioned, Bulls, the UMBC goal-scorer, and Tony Saunders, UMBC’s freshman goalkeeper, were the standouts from the match.  They deserve more attention in the writing.  Give more detail to Bulls’ free kick.  Was it highlight-reel material?  Or just a “lucky” shot?

C’mon guys, I need a little more than that…


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