U.S. Qualifier Will Not Be Live on TV

If you follow the U.S. men’s national soccer team at all, this will sound all too familiar.  Remember the issues surrounding the  Mexico match? 


Jozy Altidore (center) battles two Honduran defenders.

U.S.A. vs. Honduras is less than a month away now (Oct. 10). 

And we (as fans) may be forced to deal with this all over again.  Yet, this time it doesn’t appear that NBC will step in and save the day.  Due to the level of this match not being on par with that of a U.S.A. vs. Mexico, the reality is that this match not being live on TV is very likely at this point.

Check out this post from Soccer By Iveson this same topic, along with the links from the Washington Post on this story as well (inside the SBI piece).

Ives, who I’ve had the pleasure of meeting before, is the best in the business for all you soccer hooligans – Okay tangent over.

If you scroll down to the end of Ives’ post, you will see the next obvious question: So where will you be watching the match?

Looking back to the the last U.S. match versus Trinidad & Tobago, it took me most of the day to find the match on TV.  And if you fit the bill (no pun intentended) of a typical college, like me, you have no money to get such channels as Fox Soccer Channel or Gol TV in your apartment.

In my search, an unnamed local restuarant told me that they would be showing the U.S.  match on ESPN Classic.  And after half an hour of waiting, I said, “sorry I HAVE TO watch this match.”

I’m sure my waiter wasn’t too happy with me, but hey – it’s my job!  Luckily just up the street the match was televised and I only missed the first few minutes.

This is only a microcosm of what some U.S. supporters have had to go through.  But this is our national soccer team in competition for the most anticipated tournament in the world.  Forgive my soccer bias, but in a world with a channel or website everything, it should not be difficult to watch a match when desired.

There is still time until Honduras and our collective fingers are crossed to view this match live.  But for the trouble of watching the U.S. on ESPN Classic just a couple of weeks ago, I don’t feel confident as Oct. 10 nears.


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  1. If I am not mistaken, you did two research posts but no reaction posts this week. It’s hard to tell for sure, as you are not using the categories I asked you to use.

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