Towson Men’s Soccer FAQ’s

Q. When does Towson play its soccer games?

A. Soccer is a fall sport.  So the season usually begins in September.  This year Towson played its first match Sept.1 against Rutgers University.

Q. Where does the team play it’s home games?

A. At the Towson Center Soccer Complex.  The field is just off of Auburn Road, located behind Johnny Unitas Stadium.

Q. Who does Towson play?

A. Towson plays in the Colonial Athletic Association.  The schedule regularly includes schools such as: George Mason, James Madison, Delaware, Hofstra and Virginia Commonwealth.

But enough about those guys on the fied…how about the guy doing all the writing.

Q. Why Towson Soccer?  Everybody likes college football, don’t they?

A.  Everybody does like college football, to some extent.  But they should take time to check out the other football, soccer.  I’ve played this game since I was five-years-old.  In April, I began writing for World Soccer Reader, covering the U.S. men’s national soccer team.  I also have a weekly column about the Eredivisie.  So when ideas for a semester beat were thrown around, Towson soccer made the most sense for me.

Q. The semester is over now, anything you wish you had done differently?

A.  I would have loved to get to more matches.  The way the semester went, I found myself skipping class to be able to attend a lot of the matches that I could.  I guess there wasn’t much I could do about that.

Q.  Did you learn anything about yourself as a reporter from this beat?

A.  Absolutely! I continue to believe this is what I want to do for a living after doing this.  Although this was for a grade in school, I look at it like practice for the future (take that as you may).  I’m looking forward to my next opportunity in this field.

Q.  Anything else you want to add?

A.  I wish the season was longer, so I would have more matches to watch and more chances to write.  Also, thank you to Coach Frank Olszewski and the players who I got to talk to.  I hope that this was a good read for those who did read any of my work.


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