The Chauncey Bailey Project


Chauncey Bailey

As an aspiring journalist, you would only hope that one day your writing could effect people.  Whatever kind of journalism it is, you want to be heard, you want to have presence.  To think, if I died today, a group of people would gather together to finish my work; I can’t even imagine.

The Chauncey Bailey Project is just that. After being shot and killed on the streets of Oakland, Ca., over thirty reporters, editors and volunteers joined together to finish Bailey’s work.  He was working on a story involving the Your Black Muslim Bakery.

Our goal is to hammer home this point: “You can’t kill a story by killing a journalist.”

An Oakland area reporter, Bailey’s work could be found in print, on radio and television.  He was a prominent figure in Oakland.

According to the CB Project, “Your Black Muslim Bakery was founded in the early 1970s by Joseph Stephens, who became a black Muslim and took the Muslim name Yusuf Bey. His business was a symbol of African-American empowerment and defiance in Oakland. It also was a polygamist cult in which Bey fathered more than 40 children with at least 14 women. Bey amassed political and street power and once ran for Oakland mayor. The bakery became home to dozens of ex-convicts who took the patriarch’s name.”

The following video is one of the many listed videos about and from the project.  This particular “secret video” looks at the possible motives at the bakery and how they may or may not have had something to do with Bailey’s murder.

The project has won numerous awards since its development.  I found it to be a great story to tell and one of the highest honors, showing the world how greatly respects Chauncey Bailey really was.


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