Reviewing My Readings

Over the course of the year I’ve done my fair share of reading.  Two that stand out to me are “The Schmuck Stops Here” and Chapter 5 of “Journalism Online.”


In this blog, the Schmuck does not stop here...

As one of the Baltimore Sun‘s numerous blogs offered, Schmuck has mastered his trade in the blogosphere.  Blogs tend to be centered for a niche audience.  With the Baltimore region being one of the busiest along the east coast, even amiss the turmoil facing the Sun, Schmuck has captured and maintained a faithful following.  Being the former national baseball writer at the Sun, Schmuck primarily stuck to the Orioles, even through all their struggles on the diamond.  Intermixing elements of pop culture to go with his humor, Schmuck has now delved more heavily into the more successful Ravens. 

So what has Schmuck’s blog taught me?  Not to limit myself.  If you’ve read one post on my blog you probably noticed how much I love soccer.  Lets say down the road I do land a job covering soccer in some fashion or another.  Well, my boss or editor, may say we need to fill a position in (____), can you do it?  There would be something wrong if I said, “no, I’m sticking to soccer and just soccer.”  Who knows, when they do fill that position, that person might be the new soccer reporter as well…  As well, I believe Schmuck has handled reporting on a team that has been unsuccessful for a several years now (the Orioles).  Some reporters believe all is well all the time, some like to criticize just to criticize.  Finding that middle ground is difficult and important.  There will always be people on one end of the arguement, but as journalists, it’s important we know how to talk that middle line.

“How to Blog”, I found it to be somewhat useful in this situation, I am a blogger now after all…  The chapter itself was very simple.  Being that I am still new to the blogosphere, it makes a lot of sense to focus on this chapter.  Holding conversations with readers, keeping posts short, proper attribution, etc.  All noteworthy points.  I think the last piece of advice given has to be the best, and it may be the most simple, “I’ve heard this before,” piece of information.  You have to love it.  Plain and simple, it may be fun in the beginning, but if blogging or journalism becomes a chore or not so fun anymore, than it’s likely not for you.

Like I stated in the opening, I’ve read a lot this semester and will read a lot more before it’s done.  These are just two examples of what I’m up to (besides footy that is…).


One Response to “Reviewing My Readings”

  1. I think you got the names of the two texts confused — you are talking about the online one but name the print one. Also, my intention in asking you to talk about an online reading was to have you discuss a reading ABOUT journalism, not a blogger.

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