Reacting To All The Schmuck

Judging by the title of this entry you may think I’m about to criticize something or someone.  Yet this is quite the opposite.


The Schmuck Stops Here (Photo:

Covering anything from Orioles baseball to the Cheez Whiz…“The Schmuck Stops Here” is a sports blog done by Peter Schmuck of the Baltimore Sun.

 Schmuck has developed quite a following as one of the Sun’s leading bloggers.  Schmuck also writes for the print newspaper covering the Ravens and the Orioles.

With the Orioles season winding down, the majority of blog posts have to do with the O’s lately.  Of those entries, Schmuck has focused on the youthful talent patrolling Camden Yards these days.  Although the season has been another disappointing one, fans and Schmuck know that the future is bright and he does a good job to remind the fans this.

The Ravens season has just started, expect the blog to shift predominately to football.

Along with a knowledge of Baltimore sports, Schmuck also offers a humorous side to his blog.  I mean when the O’s haven’t had a winning season in ten plus years you’ve got to do something to keep the readers coming back…

Aside from being a sports blogger in my town (translation… I want your job Pete), I have actually known and read Schmuck for several years.  So I found it only appropriate to write about his blog for this assignment.


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