Ramblings 10.20


Don't look at me David, I have no idea why they made you "Man of the Match"

I’m not a very politically charged person and I don’t intend on starting now.  You’ve likely heard by now that President Barrack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize.  Some question why this is.  That’s not my forte, but here’s what I’m getting at.  On October 15, the England national soccer team defeated Belarus 3-0.  David Beckham was a 60th minute substitution, the score stood 1-0 at the time.  Beckham played a small role in the second goal and had nothing to do with the third.  When the final whistle blew, it was Beckham who was voted man of the match?  For what you say?  I’d like to know just as much as you.  Some journalists have coined this Beckham’s Obama moment, it’s a case of two awards received and little work done to earn them.

Fox Sports soccer section includes the headline “Fabregas wary of Alkmaar threat.”  Cesc Fabregas is the 22 year-old, Spanish captain for Arsenal.  AZ Alkmaar, of the Eredivisie, are Arsenal’s opponents for an upcoming EUFA Champions League match.  The powerful Arsenal squad sits atop its group with two wins in two matches.  AZ on the other hand has tied once and loss the other of its two matches.  AZ is currently struggling in not only Champions League play but league play (the Eredivisie) as well.  So why write the “Alkmaar threat?”  I know that titles are supposed to catch the reader’s attention and all, but really?  How many people outside of Holland actually think AZ has a chance against Arsenal?  (If you’re clueless here, let me help you…Arsenal will win.)  I guess some people will put just about anything in a title to get you to read it…I mean I read it didn’t I?

Bonus Ramble (that may or may not be relavent): I once shadowed a professional journalist for a day.  In a conversation with one of his superiors, he discussed the idea of putting “Sarah Palin” and “porn” in his next columns title just to see how many more hits it would receive.  The column would contain nothing of the sort, but you see that some people will do strange things to get the reader’s attention.  For clarification the idea was just that and never used.  And no, I will not tell you who the journalist was.


Cristiano says it will be okay if he's not there next summer.

In one of the four match-ups drawn on Monday, Portugal will face Bosnia-Herzegovina for one of the remaining spots to represent Europe in the 2010 World Cup.  The storyline for this match is that Portugal which boasts arguably the world’s best footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo, could be left out of the tournament; meaning the world’s game would lack it’s best player on its biggest stage.  Personally, I am one of those “Ronaldo haters”, sorry I don’t like the guy.  He is good, very good, I will say that.  But if the world’s best player isn’t present for it’s biggest stage, I won’t blink an eye.  Here’s my question: How much of a viewership hit does the World Cup take then if Ronaldo is not there?  Subsequently meaning no females will be watching this time around without CR7 to gauk at.

It’s time to start thinking about new boots again!  My Diadoras that valiantly stuck by myside since my senior year of high school are starting to wear thin.  You may remember my rambling about no more black boots.  So cross those of the possible replacement list.  But what I do want is the opinion of the readers!  Suggestions?  Send me a link with a picture of the boots I should get.  Right now I’m considering the following: Nikes, Diadora and Pumas.  Thoughts?


Editors note: Did I really just do Ramblings column with pictures of David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo?  It won’t happen again, promise!


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