Ramblings 10.31

As promised earlier this week… 

It’s a double helping of Ramblings, not four but eight things I’m rambling about.

This edition of Ramblings is brought to you by Professor Lieb’s red pen – Slashing through your papers and mine at least twice a week.


I would be worried too after losing 4-0 to Alcorcon

94 million euros for Cristiano Ronaldo, 88 million euros for Kaka, 35 million for Xabi Alonso and 35 million for Kareem Benzema.  Impressive squad, right?  This is the new core to the 2009 Real Madrid squad, that just lost 4-0 to a Segunda Division B team.  Prior to the match, this article said Alcorcon dreamed of the Cinderella story, in which they would defeat Madrid.  If you know anything about this, you like me, you probably thought that’s nice but it would never happen.  Well, it happened.  Alcorcon 4 – Real Madrid 0.  If you were to visit the Alcorcon team page on ESPN, you’ll see…well, nothing.  That’s right, even the world-wide leader doesn’t know who these guys are.  Note to Madrid management: money doesn’t buy championships or wins versus unknown third level Spanish teams.

In a related story, Madrid golden-boy Ronaldo is now saying he would like former Manchester United teammate Wayne Rooney to join him in Bernabeu.  I guess the 35 million euros spent to acquire Benzema has already been considered a wash?  While Rooney’s talent is undeniable, will adding another high-priced and high-profile player do the trick?  I think the previous paragraph answers that question…

By now you may have seen this already.  Southern Methodist freshman, Ryan Rosenbaum has quickly risen to internet stardom with this:

The most successful Designated Player in MLS history, Cuauhtemoc Blanco is leaving the Chicago Fire after this season for his former side, Veracruz.  Blanco, has engineered the winning ways Fire supporters are now accustomed to.  His departure brings about the question of not who will fill his spot on the Fire, but who will be the next league-wide succesful DP player?  Thierry Henry?  Luis Figo?  Bofo Bautista?  Whomever it is, MLS teams be careful, we’ve seen too many DP’s fail over the years. 


Campos, a man of style as well as skill

Rumors around Dallas are the former Mexican national team goalkeeper Jorge Campos is being considered for the Technical Director position.  While Campos did help out with the 2006 Mexican World Cup staff, it remains to be seen what his abilities are when placed in a front office/managerial role. I think the question FC Dallas supporters should be asking, because I know I am, is will El Brody instill his midfield dribble runs into the Dallas system?  Is anyone else excited at the possibility of young Josh Lambo dribbling all around Pizza Hut Park?  I am.


Barca has welcomed Ibrahimovic with open arms

I continue to hear the argument of whether or not Barcelona should have dealt Samuel Eto’o to Inter Milan for Zlatan Ibrahimovic.  While individual talent between the two could be and will be argued for quite some time, is it not true that this swap appears to have helped both teams?  Eto’o adds a pace that not only Inter wanted, but all of Serie A so desperately longed for.  As Serie A tries to re-establish itself as the dominant league it once was, Eto’o is a key part in the process.  For Barca, Ibrahimovic has been a welcomed addition.  Not only adding to Barca’s booming popularity but the fact that he adds a target striker to the already dangerous attack.  Each has produced for their new club, with Eto’o scoring five times in Serie A play and Ibrahimovic netting seven times for his side in league play.  I don’t think the argument will be settled anytime soon, but more so the trade should be viewed as a win, for both sides.

You may have seen this already, ESPN’s Sports Nation aired it live this past week.  A group of young soccer players created a giant guitar hero game, but instead of guitars, they kick soccer balls at a self-made screen on the wall.

D.C. United President Kevin Payne criticized the Colorado Rapids and New England Revolution for their defensive styles of play.  “We don’t want to play like Colorado or New England, which most of the season sat with eight or nine guys behind the ball,” Payne said.  “They want to see something that is entertaining, and D.C. United has always had a way of playing.”  Payne was fined $5,000 for his remarks by the MLS.  There are two ways to look at this.  One is that Payne just insulted the teams in his own league, when his own team struggled to score goals towards the end of the season.  That is without accounting for D.C. United busy game schedule and end-of-season injuries.  You could also look at it as Payne wants to see the MLS progress.  While the later sounds better, he did still cross a line by insulting league opponents.  Hopefully, this does send a message that the MLS style of play will need to change for the league to sustain itself.


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