Problems In Honduras Go Beyond TV

In accordance with my last post announcing that the U.S. versus Honduras match will likely NOT be televised, there appears to be a much bigger situation on the horizon. 

The World Cup qualifying match, which is scheduled for Oct. 10, now looks uneasy to the U.S.; and I’m not talking about the difficulty of winning the match.


(photo: Hartford Courant)

The Washington Post’s Steve Goff is reporting that the U.S. Soccer Federation is watching closely as turmoil has hit the country.

Four major Honduran airports have closed recently.  According the New York Times, there is a political uproar within the country as well.

I tend to stay away from politics, especially those in Central American countries, so I won’t delve into the specifics of what is happening in Honduras.  The situation certainly looks shakey though, with the match date just around the corner.

“We are obviously monitoring the situation closely and are in discussions with the appropriate officials with Concacaf and FIFA, who will determine if the location of the match will be moved outside of Honduras,” Neil Buethe, spokesman for the United States Soccer Federation, told the Times.

With the match less than three weeks away, we will have to watch the situation in Honduras closely.  The idea of moving the match to a neutral site was brought up, only to be dismissed by FIFA.


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