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Dutch Digest – Week 14

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The Eredivisie resumed play this weekend after a week off from an international break, returning with a flurry of goals across the table.

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My Starting XI: Thanksgiving Edition

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If you’ve read anything from this blog before you probably know that soccer is big part of my life, but so is journalism (hence the blog).  Being that is Thanksgiving, I wanted to do something special, something unique.  Here’s what I managed to come up with:

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Enjoying Life: Happy and Healthy

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Happiness can be found in a variety of different ways: socially, relationally, monetarily or religiously, just to name a few.  Former Towson University student, Ryan Cook has found happiness through his health and the health of others.  Cook, a personal trainer at Premier Fitness & Weight Management Center in Annapolis, Md., has found good health to be the key not only his happiness but those around him as well.

Return of the Suggestion Box

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I know the holiday is right around the corner, but it’s kind of a sad day around here.  With the semester winding down, ever-so quickly, this looks like the last time we’ll get to use the suggestion box.

We (my 258 class) have one final story to be written and then a short post putting everything together.  The idea is to have a wrap-up to the semester long beat.  My was the Towson mens soccer team for those of you just joining us.  And incase you missed it, soccer is over.  So I can’t say I have an exciting playoff story for you, as this year’s team did not qualify for the playoffs.

For now the idea is I would like to talk to coach Frank Olszewski and a returning player or two.  I’m sure you’re wondering who said player(s) is, well if I knew I’d tell you.  So for now let’s call it my element of surprise for this story.

As always your suggestions to this story are welcome.

(Faux) World Cup Draw

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In the early hours of Thursday morning, Richard Farley, Jared DuBois and myself went through the selection process of the upcoming World Cup.  The three of us explained the process at which teams are selected, we drew to the eight groups and shared our thoughts on the groupings.

It’s my second appearance on “Inside the Six” this week, and a bit different for me.  Still had a chance to talk U.S. soccer and show my bias for the Dutch (even if Farley seems to have it out for the Orange).

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U.S. Downed by the Danes, 3-1

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Wednesday afternoon, the U.S. men’s national team faced Denmark in Aarhus.  Fielding what many considered to be a “B” team, the Yanks received a goal from a new face.  The lead slipped away though as the Danes overwhelmed the Americans to start the second-half. 

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