Move Over Youtube!

Previously, when you wanted to find highlights from your club and/or national team’s match, you were lucky to find clips on ESPN or youtube.  Just to be disappointed by the 30 seconds of soccer that ESPN gave you or that video had been removed from youtube already.

I present to you  If you don’t know already, soccer is sometimes referred to as “footy” (see I told you would learn something new here).  Tube, think television.  Think youtube crossed with Facebook crossed with fantasy football.


Welcome to the wonderful world of footytube.

So maybe I’m a little late to this party, three years according to the website, but not until recently did I find out about footytube.

Should you chose to create an account, there you will select your club(s) or national team(s).  Then receive friend requests from fellow fans, or even become rivals with your teams biggest adversaries.  

 My screen name on footytube is Topp18, just incase you were wondering.

Now that you’ve made it clear who you support, its time to select your starting eleven.  Sorting through the English Premier League, La Liga and Serie A, you can then pick  your best squad (salary cap restricted) and see how it fares versus the rest of the footy world.

 Topper SC (my squad) is trotting out a line up like this:

Howard (Everton)

Mexes (Roma) – Hangeland (Fulham) – Santon (Inter) – Sergio Ramos (R.Madrid)

Dempsey (Fulham) – Jarvis (Wolverhampton) – Banega (Vallencia) – Watson (Wigan) – Anton (R.Valladolid)

David Villa (Vallencia)


Keogh (Wolverhampton) – Mayoral (Sporting Gijon) – De Ceglie (Juventus)

Your interest is probably building by now; you’re itching to check this out or just to tell me how poor you think my team is.  But I haven’t even gotten to the real reason footytube is worthwhile: the footy clips!

Believe me when I say they have just about everything.   The site also claims that if you can not find the clip you’re looking for, that the site is updated every 15 minutes, so check back and it might be there.

For a soccer fan, I’m not sure what else you could ask for.  Okay…go ahead you can leave now to go check it out.

Your welcome.


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