If the Shoe Fits…

Recently, I came to a very important decision when it comes to my soccer footwear.  I know what you’re thinking,  and no I have not claimed allegiance with Nike or Adidas, or any other brand for that matter.


Tell me you don't want a pair of yellow shoes right now, I dare you!

So here’s my dramatic decision…(drum roll)…I’m joining the non-black cleats movement!

It’s safe to say there is a growing trend in soccer that black colored cleats (I prefer the term boots) are no longer “cool.”  Why that is, I’m not too sure.  Pelé got it done in the U.S. without picking between red, orange or yellow boots.

Think about it, where else could you get away with wearing shoes that are considered “loud” or “obnoxious”; you’re not walking into the office on Monday with bright red shoes.  If you are…there’s a good chance you’re the real life Ronald McDonald, just a hunch.

Soccer players have always been a little “weird”, and that’s coming from a guy that has been playing for 17 years; flashy or different colors are acceptable in the world’s game. 

Up until probably the late 90’s, you would have been looked at like you had two left feet for wearing anything other than black, maybe a white boot here and there.  Johan Cruyff, Maradona or Franz Beckenbauer…all black boots.  Even David Beckham was sporting black boots back in his day.  My guess is it started with the Brazilians of the late 90’s, you know, the original Ronaldo.

For me it started with a pair of blue adidas flats (that soccer slang for indoor soccer shoes…you’ll catch on) that I found on sale for $17.  I mean, come one, I don’t care if you don’t care for the color blue…$17?  I had to.  Those served me well.  This summer it was time to replace “the blues” as I liked to call them.  I couldn’t go back to boring old black shoes, could I?  Sambas are great and all, but even they come in various colors now.

I scoured the internet, before I found it.  A pair of bright yellow nikes.

Some people find this shoe selection to be showing off.  I disagree.  I was once told, “looking the part is half the battle.”  Hey, if that’s how you want to look at it.  If you didn’t know soccer is also called “the beautiful game.”

So I’ll ask you what’s more beautiful?  Black boots?  Or something new, like these?


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