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The Ups and Downs of Towson Soccer

Posted in 258 School Work, Towson Soccer on December 11, 2009 by dtopp18

A common simile in sports is to compare the events of an athletic season to that of a roller coaster.  Success and failure, up follows down, more success and more failure.  It’s a formula that most teams can relate too.  For this year’s Towson University mens soccer team, it was no different.

Pre-season match results had fans excited following a 3-1 start to the season.  A disappointing 1-0 loss to local rival UMBC, was the start of a four-game losing streak

At this point in the season it was a matter of, “Becoming Towson,” junior defender and co-captain, Scott Horta said.

Horta along fellow co-captain, sophomore goalkeeper John Steele took time to discuss their early season feelings and how they would prepare for the season ahead.

The Tigers then found some success with a 2-1 road win over a very talented George Mason University team, followed by a 2-1 win at home over, then no.20, Old Dominion University.

But what goes up must come down, and that the Tigers did as they would then lose their next two road matches. 

The results that followed only solidified the roller coaster description of the season.  A win at home versus the University of Delaware preceded a loss at Virginia Commonwealth.

With its playoff hopes on the line, the Tigers would face Hofstra University at home.  On a rain-soaked field, Towson fell to the Pride, 1-0, thus ending any chance of a playoff appearance this season.

The Tigers would then split the remaining matches on the schedule, winning at home against Georgia State and losing to James Madison on the road in the season finale.

With no playoff berth to speak of, the Tigers can hang their collective hat on the expectations of next season

In the meantime, players will continue to train for the anticipated following season.  Here are a few training tips and exercises for soccer players looking to improve their fitness level during the off-season.



Hofstra Ends Tiger’s Playoff Hopes, 1-0

Posted in Towson Soccer on October 28, 2009 by dtopp18

Needing to win out the rest of the season the Towson Tigers hosted the Hofstra Pride at the Towson Center SoccerTUSoccer3 Complex on Wednesday.

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Weekend Update: Cloudy with a Chance of Greatness

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Picture used to summarize my last few days...

Things have been a little busy lately.  You’re likely sleep deprived as you continuously refresh the page looking for the next Ramblings column.  Rest asured, it’s on the way.

If you needed a hint of what’s been going on, I would direct you to the picture on the right of your screen.

Here’s what you can expect this week:

– A recap of my trip to D.C. on Monday night, as I will meet one of my writing heroes, ESPN’s own Bill Simmons, the Sports Guy.  (His book tour, for his latest book The Book of Basketball begins Monday at midnight in D.C. at the ESPN Zone.)

– An extra-large helping of ramblings

– Towson soccer game story (match versus Hofstra on Tuesday at 2 p.m.)

– For those of you who follow my work outside of The Topp Blog, look for the next installment of Dutch Digest at World Soccer Reader and a possible U.S. men’s national team column as well.

– And of course more school work (audio story, reaction post, interviews, etc…)

Stay tuned…this week could be great!

Becoming Towson

Posted in Towson Soccer on October 8, 2009 by dtopp18

TUSoccerAt times soccer is referred to as “the world’s game”, the Towson University men’s soccer team embodies this classification.

In a season of ups and downs, the Towson men’s soccer team looks to find consistency as conference plays gets underway.

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Towson Soccer it is…

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Pretend like the "N" isn't there. "ME AT WORK"...that's better.

Okay, so maybe this isn’t a surprise to those who have been here before, but for my next full length story I’ll be looking at the Towson men’s soccer team.

Covering TU soccer for a beat, tends to be shorter more opinionated pieces.  It’s time to do some real reporting here.

I’ve got a prospective interviews in the works, as I look at the season to this point.  Players, fellow reporters, and hopefully some coaches (depends on who the sports information people will let me talk to).

Stay tuned…

Rummaging Through the Old Idea Box

Posted in 258 School Work, Towson Soccer on September 29, 2009 by dtopp18

Well it’s that time again…time to come up with another award-winning story.  Okay, maybe just a feature story for MCOM 258.

First thing to come to mind is to stay with the topic of my beat blog: the Towson men’s soccer team.  I’ve been paying attention to their results this season.  What seemed like a quality start at 3-1, has quickly diminished with three straight losses.  Suggestions

The team does not play at home again until its Oct. 10 match with Old Dominion.  The Tigers will play four matches in October, where I plan to get a better look at the team.  But you knew this since you read my last Towson Soccer post.

So what do I want to do with this next assignment?  I’d like to get a chance to talk with players, fans and maybe the coach to see what the morale is like on the pitch.  Three straight losses is not exactly a confidence booster for any team.

Let’s just call it a profile of the team to this point in the season.

Suggestions/ alternative ideas are always welcome…

These Tigers are Taking Their Lumps

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Coach Frank Olszewski (photo:

After an impressive opening to the season, the Towson University men’s soccer team has dropped its last three matches.

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