Back On The Grind

So we’re talking broadcast leads today:

Take three leads (courtesy of the Baltimore Sun) and re-write them broadcast style.  Here goes nothing…

Revisions in italics.


By any measure, Maria Canul is full-figured. The single, 37-year-old public relations specialist is 5 feet 2 and a curvy 180 pounds. And like an increasing number of people who fall outside the normal weight box on BMI charts, she’s fine with how she looks, thank you. The striking redhead is healthy, fit, happy — and has no problem attracting men.

Canul now sees society coming around to her view as well.

Do you have weight issues?  37-year-old, Maria Canul might be considered “heavy” by some.  But this Santa Clara native is happy, healthy and fine with her curves.


Some of us have a hard time looking beyond today. But when it comes to thinking about growth and development – perennial hot topics virtually everywhere – what if we took a longer view? What do we want our communities to look like? Not next year, or ten or even 20 years from now. A century from now.

Like what you see outside?  How about 100 years from now?  Ever thought about it?  What are we doing right now for those who will be here after us?


It’s a breezy morning in eastern Annapolis. Sea gulls squawk overhead. Boats bob beside a dock. And on the deck of a tied-up charter vessel, two folk musicians in ball caps strum a shuffle on a banjo and ukelele, looking every inch the easy-living Jimmy Buffetts of the Chesapeake.

It’s the final day of shooting for “Seize the Bay,” the latest creation from Daphne Glover and Bob Ferrier, filmmakers from Severna Park, and as the two role videotape, neither one can suppress a smile. emersed

It’s the easy life we all long for.  Another day spent relaxing on the boat.  For Daphne Glover and Bob Ferrier, of Severna Park, this is true, they spend their time probably a little differently than you would expect.


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