David (December 2008)My name is David Topp, I am entering my senior year at Towson University this fall.  My plan is to graduate with a degree in mass communication, in the journalism and new media track.  My goal is to one day be a sports journalist, ideally for a print newspaper.

Understanding that the possibility of working for a print newspaper is declining by the day; I understand that working for a website is a very likely alternative.

Currently, I cover the U.S. men’s national soccer team and the Eredivisie (Dutch league soccer) for World Soccer Reader. This my opportunity to develop my skills as a journalist but also to cover the beautiful game of soccer.  From day one, I have loved every minute of it; hoping to one day display this passion to many in one journalistic fashion or another.

With this blog I will be covering a variety of different topics.  Currently, I am enrolled in MCOM 258 and MCOM 407 (among others) at Towson, so I will be using this blog for some my classwork.  The Towson men’s soccer team will be one of my topics to which closely follow.  Another is looking the difficulty of following soccer in the U.S. (with a slight focus on the U.S. men’s national team).  I understand that fandom probably doesn’t sound too difficult to most, but if you stay with me and read what I have to say you will see it sometimes can be quite difficult.

Look out for what I am going to call “ramblings,” there is so much to the game of soccer and I want to talk about it.  It will be sarcastic at times, serious at other, most of all I just want to have fun with it.


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