Return of the Suggestion Box

I know the holiday is right around the corner, but it’s kind of a sad day around here.  With the semester winding down, ever-so quickly, this looks like the last time we’ll get to use the suggestion box.

We (my 258 class) have one final story to be written and then a short post putting everything together.  The idea is to have a wrap-up to the semester long beat.  My was the Towson mens soccer team for those of you just joining us.  And incase you missed it, soccer is over.  So I can’t say I have an exciting playoff story for you, as this year’s team did not qualify for the playoffs.

For now the idea is I would like to talk to coach Frank Olszewski and a returning player or two.  I’m sure you’re wondering who said player(s) is, well if I knew I’d tell you.  So for now let’s call it my element of surprise for this story.

As always your suggestions to this story are welcome.


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