The Development of a Fan

Everyday, like most people, I scour the internet for various things.  It’s a part of my day spent searching for social media, national news and well, soccer.  In my searching I stumbled across a new website called: Culture of Soccer

Culture of Soccer is run by David Keyes.  When you read “culture,” you know you’re in for more than the basics.  Almost immediately I thought that Keyes’ work was not just quality journalism, but also beneficial for my project.

After some time off from the blog, Keyes is back.  His latest piece (which appears on Pitch Invasion), which is called “From the Dayton Dynamo to Saprissa Stadium,” it’s what he calls, “how I became the obsessed soccer fan that I am.”

It’s definitely a good read.  In the story Keyes is back in his college days and spending time in Costa Rica.  At this point in time, the MLS does not exist, so there isn’t much by way of professional soccer in Ohio, let alone U.S.  He talks about his time there, getting to see the U.S. national team play while in another country, because they never played in Ohio at that time.

My project aside, I always enjoy and appreciate anything that captures the culture of something.  Although Keyes has just started back with the blog, I am excited to see what lies ahead at Culture of Soccer.


One Response to “The Development of a Fan”

  1. Great idea, but will this work over the long run?

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