Which SportsCenter do you watch?

Okay, so my title may be a bit misleading, but it was still fun when I thought of it.

For this assignment I had to watch TV.  Really?, you ask?  This may be the most fun assignment I’ve had all year.  Or maybe just the easiest. 

The task was to watch a television show and discuss any of the editing techniques seen that we have talked about in class.  It may have better to watch a less polished show, that way I could see what is done well and what still needs work.  I say, why not watch the best?  Rehashing what is found in well edited video…well, it’s all there when you talk about ESPN video. 

-Highlight the best footage     Check

-Tell a story in a compelling way     Check

-Natural sound     Check

-Variety of shots     Check

I don’t have a replay of today’s show.  Sadly, they don’t offer replays of the shows.  But what they do have are replays of the commercials or certain segments of the show.  To get the point across I do have two SportsCenter commercials.  I think you will see what I’m talking about, when I say it’s all there.  Okay, maybe it’s not all there, but they do make some funny commercials…


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