Soccer, Coffee and Grunge music


Will Seattle bring soccer to national prominence?

This year Major League Soccer introduced the American soccer culture to the Seattle Sounders.  The Sounders have done what no other inaugural American soccer club has been able to do before it, find success on and off the field.  The Sounders, 2009 U.S. Open Cup Champions, may be what the U.S. needs to spark its national soccer interest.

Soccer Source is one of many soccer blogs out there, but they have really begun to set themselves apart with their writing.  Recently, they published an article called, “Can Seattle do for soccer what it did for $5 lattes and grunge music?”

The Sounders, whose part owner in Drew Carey, have set an MLS record for average regular season attendance.  They also reached the world top 50 for average regular season attendance, an impressive accomplishment for an American soccer franchise.

For those who are unaware, Starbucks and grunge music found success and became nationally renowned (well at least Starbucks) after originating in Seattle.  The question is if Seattle can do that, can this early success translate into soccer growing in its nationally popularity from what is happening in Seattle?  Hopefully.

Consistency will be key in answering this, if Seattle can continue with its first year success, than the answer looks more and more likely to be yes.  But it is still far too early to answer that question.


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