Back to Basic (Training)

The National Press Photographers Association releases what it deems the best photojournalism of each year.  It’s overall winner for 2008NPPA was called “Reporting for Duty” by the Saint Louis Dispatch.

In “Reporting for Duty” you see all the emotions of basic training.  The joy of receiving a letter from home, the fear of propelling down a wall and the respect that commanding officers demand from those newly enlisted soldiers. 

As a journalist, to be able to capture all of those emotions and feelings is the goal.  The Dispatch, which did this quite well, is certainly worthy of recognition for this piece they put together. 

This also feeds the missing information that so many are probably longing for.  All those families who have loved ones away serving in the various forms of the military get a glimpse of what is done in preparation. 

I have a good friend who went to basic training this summer, so I haven’t seen him a few months now, this was cool to see what he had to go through.  I’m sure many families and friends would agree with me here.


One Response to “Back to Basic (Training)”

  1. I’d like to see some more discussion of the content on these posts. Also, edit yourself — I’m sure you don’t mean “propelling.”

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