Weekend Update: Cloudy with a Chance of Greatness


Picture used to summarize my last few days...

Things have been a little busy lately.  You’re likely sleep deprived as you continuously refresh the page looking for the next Ramblings column.  Rest asured, it’s on the way.

If you needed a hint of what’s been going on, I would direct you to the picture on the right of your screen.

Here’s what you can expect this week:

– A recap of my trip to D.C. on Monday night, as I will meet one of my writing heroes, ESPN’s own Bill Simmons, the Sports Guy.  (His book tour, for his latest book The Book of Basketball begins Monday at midnight in D.C. at the ESPN Zone.)

– An extra-large helping of ramblings

– Towson soccer game story (match versus Hofstra on Tuesday at 2 p.m.)

– For those of you who follow my work outside of The Topp Blog, look for the next installment of Dutch Digest at World Soccer Reader and a possible U.S. men’s national team column as well.

– And of course more school work (audio story, reaction post, interviews, etc…)

Stay tuned…this week could be great!


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