Living on a Dollar


Faison and Betty Phiri (Photo: NPR)

I can’t say that I have followed National Public Radio closely in the past, but when I do find my way over to NPR they always seem to have some wonderful journalism there.

Recently, I read and listened to “Living on a Dollar a Day in Malawi”, by Suzanne Marmion.  The article itself is short and the audio is only five minutes, but this really got me thinking.

A dollar a day to live on?  The Phiri family starts work at 4:30 a.m.?  To think I complain about having to get up at 8 in the morning.

Let alone the amount of work this family must go through, the generosity that is seen in this country, is amazing.  Marmion mentions that the Phiri family has a guest come over, to honor this guest they are spending double their daily allowance. 

The article makes me think more prospectively.  The audio brings the setting to life.  It all really makes you sit back and think about our value systems and how much some people are sacrificing in their daily lives. 

As far as journalism goes, when an article can make you stop and think about it beyond its time of being read, there you have found yourself good journalism.


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