Time to Dust Off the Suggestion Box Again


All suggestions are welcome.

Audio stories are next up on the list of things to do.  Now what do I cover?

Obviously, Towson Soccer is my first choice.  That was my choice for a blog topic at the beginning of the year.  To be honest it started slow and so did the season…  The last multi-media story turned out really well I believe.  Since then, the Tigers have begun playing much better.  As well they have some upcoming home matches to look forward to.

Quite honestly, beyond TU Soccer, my well has run dry for stories around campus.  Likely, I think I’m too focused on the game of soccer; because I know that there are a world of ideas out there.  Now its times like this I need to find them…

Other brief suggestions:

– Take a look at the different established religious organizations on campus.  With the thought of getting a better idea of who they are, without trying to promote any individual group.

– One of my classmates recently showed me a baltimore-centered sports blog run by a fellow Towson student.  I have not me this student yet, but the chance to meet and interview someone in a very similar position as myself intrigues me.

Well like I said my hamartia is my love for soccer.  Like before and as always, alternate ideas are always welcome.  They may end up in the suggestion box (see above).  I’ll be back with a decision in the next few days…


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