Weekend Update: Closed-Circuit Can’t Stop Me


Connor Casey scored two goals to lead the U.S. to victory

If you’ve been keeping up with this or this, you know that viewing the U.S. – Honduras match this past weekend was more difficult than normal.  Of the thousands apon thousands of sports bars across the nation, only 37 bars showed the match in a live-english feed.

And if you’ve been following my tracking of the situation, then you probably know I was hesitant to think I would be able to view the match.

Well I have good news: I found the match live (in english) on tv! 

Traveling to D.C. – 50 minute drive

At the door cover fee – $15

Standing room only to view the match – slight neck cramp from staring up at the tv for two hours

Seeing the U.S. play live when most could not – priceless

And for those of you who missed it – here’s my WSR game story.


2 Responses to “Weekend Update: Closed-Circuit Can’t Stop Me”

  1. I really like this. The picture goes really good with what you wrote. I like how your posts are short and to the point. Also, smart idea of branding yourself by linking your WSR game story at the end. That is sure to produce for traffic. The whole MasterCard commercial reference was funny. It seems like you have a good idea with where you are going with the project, good job

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