Rummaging Through the Old Idea Box

Well it’s that time again…time to come up with another award-winning story.  Okay, maybe just a feature story for MCOM 258.

First thing to come to mind is to stay with the topic of my beat blog: the Towson men’s soccer team.  I’ve been paying attention to their results this season.  What seemed like a quality start at 3-1, has quickly diminished with three straight losses.  Suggestions

The team does not play at home again until its Oct. 10 match with Old Dominion.  The Tigers will play four matches in October, where I plan to get a better look at the team.  But you knew this since you read my last Towson Soccer post.

So what do I want to do with this next assignment?  I’d like to get a chance to talk with players, fans and maybe the coach to see what the morale is like on the pitch.  Three straight losses is not exactly a confidence booster for any team.

Let’s just call it a profile of the team to this point in the season.

Suggestions/ alternative ideas are always welcome…


One Response to “Rummaging Through the Old Idea Box”

  1. Hi David,
    I’d like to see a tighter focus. When you say a profile of the team, that’s a pretty broad perspective. What is it about the team that you will focus on?

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